Checking for a recall is as easy filling out a “Check for Vehicle Recall” form.  We will get back to you as soon as possible to book an appointment, if needed.
General Motors has put together a maintenance plan that is suggested to be completed every six months or every 10,000km-12,000km – whichever comes first. Regular maintenance extends the life of the vehicle and helps prevent any unnecessary repairs. If the proper GM maintenance schedule is not followed, future repairs may not be covered under warranty.
This is a question we get asked all the time and we understand that it’s hard to know the difference especially with all the great tire brands out there. Winter tires are designed to stay soft in the cold by using a special rubber compound that grips the snow, prevents snow build up, and the tread is built to push away slush and water. An all season tire is designed differently, as it grips to water and slush, and also handles well in dry, hot conditions.
Both oils start off from the same place, but it’s what comes after that sets synthetic oil apart from conventional. Synthetic oil is broken down to its basic molecules, which removes impurities. To become a top performer, specific additives are blended to create a super star of oils. Why is this important? It keeps your engine cleaner and, with multiple high speed moving parts, it prevents wear to help your engine last longer. In winter, as you car sits over night the oil settles, conventional oil takes more time to get to the engine upon ignition, causing friction and wear on the components. Synthetic oil flows to the engine faster and prevents this cold weather friction.

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