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Find Automotive Parts within the city limits of Saskatchewan / Alberta / Lloydminster. Westridge Buick GMC Goodwrench Parts provides you with an online experience so you can use the comfort of your phone, your computer, you ipad, to get your automotive parts straight to you. We offer over 350,000 quality parts for all types of automotive products – and we, of course, we specialize in GM products.

We have a wide range of tires available, including winter tires. Our department is proud to offer seasonal storage. And every price that we give you will also receive and installed & balance. What good is a tire if you can’t put it on!

Wheels & Rims
Find a selection of wheels & rims, plus all types of after-market products available. Make your wheels look different.

Westridge GMC Goodwrench parts will always give you a price for you vehicle – good, better, best – so you can make a great decision based on your needs and your wallet.

Lift Kit & Leveling Kits
Find a selection of different ways to raise your vehicle. Inches upon inches, we also have the right specialized automotive technicians to raise it for you.

Mud Flaps
We have a wide range of Mud flaps available. Stop spitting stones in people’s windshields!

For those that love to do it themselves, we have all the GM OEM fluids available, including but not limited to Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), DEXOS coolant, Castrol Oil.

Tail lights, projectors, fog lights, including xenon and halo projecting, bulbs, and more to keep your tail lights clear and visible.

Cleaning Products
Find a selection of GM’s best cleaning product line, ACDELCO, for all your vehicle needs.


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